I took a little va-cay… sorry for the lack of posts, you probably think I am just milking my time to that 100th post… I’m not, I just went to Tahoe.

Aaron is in Alaska and I am again without a camera but I did take a picture of this mistreatment in my kitchen.

It’s not the greatest or most lovely thing in the world but I love the fact that I didn’t sew anything and hung it all up there with tacks. It looks way better in person too (doesn’t everything?)

I got the ideas from the Nester’s “Mistreatment 101“.



I really really really needed to paint some furniture! I have so many things in my home that need to be sanded and painted.

Like this


Garage sale magazine table $5

and this…

a bare wood table that I have had for probably 10 years

and this…

it’s not an antique so I don’t feel compelled to preserve it, and the dark stain is so not my style. I wish I could just paint the 1970’s lino too…

and these REALLY need painting

G.R.O.S.S – I am going to paint them black

this needs some life breathed back into it too…

That used to be one of those cute white washed pieces often found in the 90’s. My kids have destroyed it! Here is the end table that goes with it…

and this needs so lovin too

That was a stereo cabinet that I got many moons ago (about 8 moons ago to be exact) I want to paint it and put some fabric inside to cover all the photo albums and finger paint.

This needs updating too…

A cool garage sale find but not too pretty.

Finally… this…

I know, it doesn’t look too bad but it is fake wood with some awful stain on it and it would look better black.

Wow, I have a lot of work to do… I wonder if I will ever start these projects or just put them off for another decade?


My favorite thing for this Friday is decorating with lime green, black and white.

First off, I created this color scheme! Hate me, call me a liar… but I did, I swear! (I really didn’t) About 6 years ago I sold some things on Ebay for a friend of mine. In exchange for the Ebay work, she made me these window toppers.

I told her… “I want black and white toile triangles with lime green piping”… she said “ch-wha…are you sure?” She drove over with the fabric a couple days later and I said “yep, that’s it!” I still don’t think she was convinced until she saw the finished product. (My photos show how much dust has accumulated on these things *eeww*. The rod is a closet rod covered in fabric and a finial painted black screwed on the end.

I found this mirror a year later while junkin

I made this two Christmases (what’s the plural of Christmas?) ago with Jen, a Christmas card holder (but it’s up all year)

and of course my whole Christmas decor was in MY “theme” too  

I found these pots and candle holders at the 99 Cent Store

(note on this table… we just ate dinner and it was wet… I know bad photo taking time, but I just got my camera back and I was snap happy. As for the chairs at this table, you may have noticed that they are all different colors. This was done back when Friends was popular and Monica had mismatched chairs like this in her kitchen…

Well, It’s not 1999 anymore and I am ready to paint them – they are going to be black. I am also going to paint my mantle (the ugly brown one above) black too. Another side note, my entire kitchen used to be funky like Monica’s, I used fruit patters and bright colors and now I am transitioning to something a little more grown up -more on that later.)

 Well, I like me some lime, black and white… What’s your favorite decorating theme?






Okay I realized I do have some pictures already on my computer that I could share with you and I took one (later in the post) with my phone just because I was dying without my little silver sidekick…

So please, will you INSPIRE ME…

To Do Something With This Wall!

These painter’s cloths are covering my garage door. What would you do here to make it more pleasing to the eye? After drooling over Nesting Place for the past three days, I emailed the Nester to ask her opinion on my dilemma… she is the queen of “mistreatments” you know! Here is what she suggested:

“Okay get a long rod or 2 rods connected to put over the door.  I think in this case since it’s not a window, the rod will help make it feel more homey.  Use the directions that I gave in the red checks mistreatments {link on the left sidebar} and make you about 6 panels.  Lets say you have 3 yards per panel, times 6 is 24 yards.  If you can find fabric for $8 a yard then that’s what, $200?  worth it if you want to class it up.

Or, just do 2 panels– one  on each side and get those bamboo blinds that they sell at waltarget and hang them up in between and pretend the door is a window.  Trick the eye!  That might be less expensive.

Maybe a screen?  2 sections of privacy fencing painted to match the room and leaned up against the door?  chalk board paint painted on the inside of the garage door and use it to write messages.  Okay–that’s my favorite idea yet!  and it would have a neat industrial feel!”

(Hope she doesn’t mind I spilled her ideas to all the 6 readers of my blog)

I would totally do the chalkboard thing to my door but it is insulated with these big white (read: U.G.L.Y) foam panels and there would be nothing to paint. However, I LOVE her idea of fabric to make it look like a window and even before I got her reply, I was out buying these four fabrics to play with.

They were all from that place that starts with wal  and ends with mart  and they all were 4.99 or less a yard. (After I hang them up on the garage door and stare at them for a couple hours I am going to “mistreat” my kitchen windows with them.)

Now that I have probably infringed on the Nester’s copywritten term of “mistreating” windows… I implore you all to go visit her blog, Nesting Place and soak in her awesomeness! I am adding her to my favorite blogs list because as you see, I only have one other blog listed, which means I must really like her site!

* Special News… This is my 88th post and something really exciting (for me) will happen for my 101st… and something even more exciting (for you) will happen for my 100th. Stay tuned, only 12 more posts to go!

And don’t forget to give me your ideas for this wall!


The man took my camera on his over night business trip (trust me the term “business trip” is way glamorizing his job) so of course I come up with a million things I want to blog about… with pictures of course. I am going to have to tell a funny story about my mom & daughter instead.

Jen and I were out Junkin one day in this totally cute antique shop (do you remember this Jen?) and my mom called my cell phone (It was 2002 so it was probably a 2 pound, 8 inch tall, bright red Nokia – I am trying to give you a visual since you have nothing to look at on this post) My mom, was keeping Tatum for a weekend and sounded extremely tired and frazzled. She says “Em, I can’t get Tatum to sleep! I was up all night with her… she is like wide awake! I don’t know if she is sick or just not used to sleeping here but she wont go to sleep” I said, “well do you want me to come get her? If you think she is sick, you shouldn’t keep her.” Mom says, “She just seems over  tired! I think she might have allergies so I gave her Claritin for kids.” I say “and that didn’t do anything?”

and here is the funny part… keep in mind my mom has birthed and successfully raised 3 kids of her own…

Mom says, “no, it didn’t do anything so four hours later I gave her Tylenol and then four hours later I tried Triaminic. I don’t know why she wont sleep, at least she’s happy!” I said “mom……. she’s high”

I laughed, my mom probably cried but after Tatum “came down” she was fine and fast asleep. Please don’t call CPS, my mom was just trying to get some shut eye and she totally followed the directions on the boxes… ahhh that was a fun memory. Oh and mom if you are reading this, I love you.


So, I took this personality test for the gazillionth time. I have never wrote down what I end up being (and it’s always different) but this time I looked more into it. I am ISTP or in other words, introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving. But I am confused as to the order because I scored the highest in thinking and the lowest in introverted. Does anyone know why they put it in the order they do? If it were in level order I would be TSPI… whatever…

What does this hooey mean anyway? I do like that this personality is considered the “crafter”… whoo hoo… and I am sure Dr. Keirsey means hot glue, paint and glitter crafting, right? The Dr. says crafters are “good with tools, love action, and know instinctively that your activities are more enjoyable, and more effective, if done impulsively, spontaneously, subject to no schedules or standards but your own. In a sense, Crafters do not work with their tools, but play with them when the urge strikes them.”  Hmmm… does this go with my motto?


It also says crafters don’t like chit chat… our conversation is sparse and brief… and this IS me most of the time. (Written words are a different story…obviously) and I can get talkin when the mood strikes. Most of the time though it seems that I am not listening, but I am… I just don’t feel the need to justify what you were saying with “wow, that is totally amazing!” I feel an “uh huh” is just fine.

“ISTPs are masters of the one-liner, often showing flashes of humor in the most tense situations”… Hey I get uncomfortable in serious situations okay… maybe that’s why “this can result in their being seen as thick-skinned or tasteless.” I get embarrassed in social situations and try to be funny, but it usually backfires… and since there is no erase button in real life… I can’t backspace and delete things that actually make it out of my mouth. This is why I have the disclaimer in my “about me” section that I can sometimes be offensive. Hey, it’s a personality flaw!

Love me or hate me… that’s me… an ISTP. What are you? Take the test here.

Oh, and Kathrine Hepburn was “crafty” so is 10% of the population.




5 Positive things about today

1. It’s a cooold morning and I am wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot Starbucks

2. My house is clean and everyone is helping to keep it that way. I don’t know if an invisible motivation fairy came through in the middle of the night, but everyone is concerned with garbage and clutter all of a sudden… YAY!

3. I got new reading glasses. The dog chewed up my old ones about 1.3 seconds after I set it on the table outside. Aaron picked these new ones out and says they aren’t as dorky as my old ones. Thanks dear.

4. I have a weird excitement about starting school next week. I have always loved the first day of school. I am even excited that I am taking Math… a real Math too! Not even Math for Retards! The beginning of school is when you get the new binder with all the new tabs and you make sure to keep everything organized and nice… and by week 3 you already have crumpled papers in the bottom of your backpack… Let’s see how long I can stay organized, this will be my first semester of school where I will not be working.

5. Speaking of school, my lovely step dad (hi Chico) is helping me clear off space on my desk by getting me this

This is what my desk looked like before…


See my 6 square inches of space? I got this HUGE monitor for 30.00 from an insurance company who salvaged it from a house fire. Don’t get me wrong, at the time it was a expensive monitor with the big screen and it only had smoke damage and works great (if anyone wants it, email me & you can have it) but I can’t do my homework at my desk. I always ended up using the floor or my bed to lay out my books and papers. Thanks Chico! Oh, and by the way… the new monitor is from dell.com and is only 179.99 (after a small $30 rebate) it got 4.9 out of 5 stars by the people who reviewed it. Click here for all the specs. I’ll update with a new picture when the new monitor comes!


That was the tag line on my postcard from the local Goodwill… Jen told me about her recent trip and I remembered that I had a coupon so I dragged the family down there Saturday. Here is what I scored:

Magazine rack (cause my peeps, ya know I got a TON of magazines), a robin’s egg blue vase (I actually have two now, this was an FTD special that my mom got from my brother for Mother’s Day), a blue/green vase (to add to my collection), it’s hard to see but in the back there is a wooden star on a wire with a rusty doorknob on it (I hung it outside) a wire basket, and two white shabby boxes (I put a tissue box in the big one and the other is in my office).

I also got this:

The “Davy Jones” creature, not the flowers. Luke saw this in the “expensive thing case” and had to have it, it was 10 bucks! This thing stands 12″ tall and weighs like 3 pounds. It is Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I looked it up online and it originally sold for 30.00… did I get a deal? Luke thinks so! I think so too.

I also got Jen a dish and 3 teacups so I got 12 things total and with my coupon ($5.00 off) the total was $18.00 – not to shabby! Now, if I had bought only clothes I would have come home with a cart full for that price! I love Goodwill!


Tina left a comment yesterday that she likes magazines with cupcakes on the cover, well… FamilyCircle has a beautiful giant cupcake on it’s cover this month and I am drooling over the blue frosting for the base, there is just something about Robin’s Egg blue!

Jen has the mold to make it… and you can get your own at Target for $29.99! I’m a sure she’ll leave a comment about getting it much cheaper somewhere else like Michael’s craft store with a 40% off coupon… she is so thrifty 😉

FamilyCircle is a great magazine with all kinds of recipes, household tips and regularly features cupcakes on the cover!

My grandma subscribes me to Good Housekeeping and FamilyCircle (yes I have TONS of magazines and yes Sherri I think I can part with some MEHC’s for you) While reading the July 2008 issue of Good Housekeeping I read a “green” tip that I knew about but every time I mention it to someone else, it was news to them. Here is the tip in “professional” words… (I would like to consider myself a professional but alas I am just a jack of all trades and a master of none).

From Treehugger.com – “If you have a cellphone, have you ever noticed that your charger stays warm even when you are not charging your phone with it? That’s because it is still draining electricity. “According to Future Forests, only 5% of the power drawn by cell phone chargers are actually used to charge phones. The other 95% is wasted when you leave it plugged into the wall, but not into your phone. The lesson? Unplug your charger when you are not using it. If you don’t, it’s just wasting your money and adding to the pollution created by burning fossil fuels.”

In addition to unplugging my cell phone charger I also unplug all small appliances on my kitchen counter instead of just turning them off and I turn off both my computers at night. Plus… your computer puts off so much heat that by turning it off you are actually cooling your home on these hot summer nights. In an MSN article, it says that an average family can save up to $20 a month on their energy bill by simply unplugging these appliances! Another tip for those of you who have fishtanks… unplug the heaters for the summer, your fishies don’t need it! (Trust me on this one, I have 5 fishtanks!)

I feel good about going green, how about you?



I think in addition to Positively Tuesdays I am going to talk about my favorite things on Fridays…

Therefore, I give you my favorite magazines –

I have been reading this magazine since day one. We used to get the subscription at work. Originally I didn’t love it; it was wildly expensive and it was very country/folk arty. I buy magazines for their covers and a couple years ago I got an issue at the store (more than likely a Halloween issue) and ever since I have had my own subscription. The new Home Companion is much more modern and geared toward antiques, flea market finds and unique decor. I’m glad Mary E. got stylish and dropped the overkill of cherries and checkerboard.

I love this magazine for the gardens. I consider my home a “cottage” and this magazine said something to the effect of “any home, of any size can be a cottage; the one “must have” is a lush garden”. This magazine also featured my dream wedding… an October barn wedding with pumpkins!

Martha Stewart Halloween special issues. I always get this every year and I always use something out of it. She has templates, how-tos and lots of fabulous pictures. Can you see a October/Halloween theme going on?

Country Living gets an honorable mention. I got the idea for the succulents planted in the typewriter out of this magazine while waiting in the Dr.s office.

I just got a gift certificate to magazines.com and I am going to try out this magazine. Like Home Companion, I think this magazine used to be a lot more country than it is now, otherwise I wouldn’t like it.

What are your favorite magazines?


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