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1. My hands smell like teriyaki¬†and it’s kinda disturbing me.

2. I cleaned my belly button with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol because I just thought “I wonder if adults clean out their belly buttons like we do to babies?” It is sparkly and disinfected now ūüėČ

3. Oh I do have a photo, here is Craig, Alaska at 10pm

I guess the sunset is around 11pm and sunrise is at 4am… wow that sucks



So, I took this personality test for the gazillionth time. I have never wrote down what I end up being (and it’s always different) but this time I looked more into it. I am ISTP or in other words, introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving. But I am confused as to the order because I scored the highest in thinking and the lowest in introverted. Does anyone know why they put it in the order they do? If it were in level order I would be TSPI… whatever…

What does this hooey mean anyway?¬†I do¬†like¬†that this personality is considered the “crafter”… whoo hoo…¬†and I am sure Dr. Keirsey means hot glue, paint¬†and glitter crafting, right?¬†The Dr. says crafters are “good with tools, love action, and know instinctively that¬†your activities are more enjoyable, and more effective, if done impulsively, spontaneously, subject to no schedules or standards but¬†your own. In a sense, Crafters do not work with their tools, but play with them when the urge strikes them.”¬† Hmmm… does this go with my motto?


It also says crafters don’t like chit chat… our conversation is sparse¬†and brief… and this IS me most of the time. (Written words are a different story…obviously) and I can get talkin when the mood strikes. Most of the time though it seems that I am not listening, but I am… I just don’t feel the need to justify what you were saying with “wow, that is totally amazing!” I feel an “uh huh” is just fine.

“ISTPs are masters of the one-liner, often showing flashes of humor in the most tense situations”… Hey I get uncomfortable in serious situations okay… maybe that’s why “this can result in their being seen as thick-skinned or tasteless.”¬†I get embarrassed in social situations and try to be funny, but it usually backfires… and since there is no erase button in real life… I can’t backspace and delete things that actually make it out of my mouth. This is why I have the disclaimer in my “about me” section that I can sometimes be offensive. Hey, it’s a personality flaw!

Love me or hate me… that’s me… an ISTP. What are you? Take the test here.

Oh, and Kathrine Hepburn¬†was “crafty” so is 10% of the population.




Even if your past consisted of haircuts like this one…

I like to call this look “business up front, party in the back” otherwise known as the “mullet”, or the “Achy-breaky-bad-mistakey”.

I asked my mom “WHO cut my hair like this…” she said “I think I did”. Oh mama! Say it ain’t so… why did you do this to me? On a positive note… Mary Kate and Ashley… you¬†can eat your hearts out… I wore these spectacles before your were even dreamed of!

Always remember your roots people, even if they are mousy brown!



While reflecting on 2007, I have realized that it has been the best year of my adult life. Between 9/13/06 and 1/12/07 was by far the worst – but staying on a cheerful path of reflection… 99.9% of 2007 was AMAZING! I have discovered a new person in myself, my true self. I no longer have anything holding me back and I am only surrounded by people with forward thinking – finally! I have discovered that I love decorating and crafting, travel, family traditions and reading. I realized what it’s like to REALLY be loved unselfishly. 2007 was fabulous and I am sure this year will be even better!

¬†My resolutions for 2008 are simple – be thankful for the things I have and surround myself with beauty. I also want to resolve to create a schedule for myself because if¬†Baby Wise¬†works so well for children, then shouldn’t I be more content with the consistency of a schedule too?¬† I currently sputter along with Flylady¬†but this year I am going to FLY (finally love yourself). Check out Flylady for all the details on how to FLY too! This wonderful woman keeps everything on a schedule from what day she balances her checkbook to what day of the month she cleans under her bed… I need this!

Like Jen, I want to learn to say NO more often. I have already put in my 6th month notice at work so I can go to school full time and get a big girl job. I will gradually ease myself out of my last ministry that I am involved in at church and focus on my own “ministry” (of sorts)MOMents… fellowship with other moms… I need that as much as the schedule! I already cut down my involvement in Tatum’s class to once or twice a month instead of weekly. I want to focus on my schooling and my family and MYSELF!

I’d love to hear about your plans for 2008 too – leave me a comment or email me.


Do you ever feel like you are slowly sinking in quick sand? First your feet start becoming heavy and you don’t walk as fast – then they are stuck in place like they are surrounded by cement – you wiggle to move but soon your knees freeze up. You shimmy your hips to try and break free and you feel the tightness rising up your body. Your chest¬†hurts and you can’t breathe and you feel as if someone has a noose around your neck.

Vivid analogy huh? Well that is how I feel this week. I don’t know why I am in this gloomy patch – I am broke but that usually doesn’t put me in a funk for more than a day. I am snapping at my family for no reason. It can’t be the weather; I LOVE the rain and cold – but it hasn’t even been that bad.

I heard on the radio today “most women expect a problem to be solved immediately, we need to realize that sometimes we just get in a bad streak and we need to ride it out so we know what our emotions are telling us.” I guess that is it. Maybe my body is telling me I need to slow down. I burn up all my energy doing a million projects on one day because I am so like the other women who want it all done NOW! Then I burn out and everything I worked so hard to build crumbles around me.

Don’t worry my friends, I haven’t gone crazy and I am not depressed… I am just having a blue week and I’ll get over it ūüėČ


You may have a different opinion and that’s fine, cause this is MY blog, not yours – so here it goes!

I DO believe that money makes the world go ’round. I feel the happiest when I have money! I feel great when I can get my nails done, I love buying myself clothes, I like going out to dinner… but spending money on others makes me equally as happy. I LOVE buying my kids things, I LOVE buying my friends things and I LOVE giving to charity. A friend of mine just directed me to the blog of Beth Lambdin, in her latest post she lists things that inspire her. One of them was this… “financial rewards – I am highly motivated by what money can do for myself & others.¬† I have many plans & dreams for my life as well as organizations, ministries and people I would love to bless in big ways.¬† It inspires me to work hard, be creative, innovative and take risks.” (PLEASE VISIT HER BLOG).

In a second Beth inspired me to say “I LOVE money, it makes me happy!” and not be ashamed of it. The sad fact is I have no money, I’m literally scared to look at my online banking until I deposit my next paycheck because I might see a negative number. But please friends, let me reiterate, I LOVE spending money on others just as much as myself, I am not greedy by any means. I also do have a good grasp on budgeting, the only problem is I live paycheck to paycheck and there is nothing I can cut out (okay nothing I am willing to cut out) to actually be able to put money away. That is a major reason I am getting my teaching credential, a REAL job, so I can have money and be HAPPY rolling in it LOL – Here are a few other statements I can make proudly:

I am divorced¬†and know that God still loves me. I had postpartum depression and took Prozac for three months and it was the best thing I ever did. I am jealous of stay-at-home moms. I can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich to save my life…

I never was “an open book” but as I grow older I care less and less what other people think. I am not getting bitter, I am actually getting nicer and this is a way of being nicer to myself, by being honest and not hiding behind ideals. It has released a lot of stress!

~ Em

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