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so is Aaron… and I really do love him more than the camera 😉

Here is one of his photos from Alaska, tomorrow I will be back up and posting my own shots!

Don’t you wish you lived there?

I do, no neighbors and cooold weather… it was 109 degrees today here – gross!



That was the tag line on my postcard from the local Goodwill… Jen told me about her recent trip and I remembered that I had a coupon so I dragged the family down there Saturday. Here is what I scored:

Magazine rack (cause my peeps, ya know I got a TON of magazines), a robin’s egg blue vase (I actually have two now, this was an FTD special that my mom got from my brother for Mother’s Day), a blue/green vase (to add to my collection), it’s hard to see but in the back there is a wooden star on a wire with a rusty doorknob on it (I hung it outside) a wire basket, and two white shabby boxes (I put a tissue box in the big one and the other is in my office).

I also got this:

The “Davy Jones” creature, not the flowers. Luke saw this in the “expensive thing case” and had to have it, it was 10 bucks! This thing stands 12″ tall and weighs like 3 pounds. It is Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I looked it up online and it originally sold for 30.00… did I get a deal? Luke thinks so! I think so too.

I also got Jen a dish and 3 teacups so I got 12 things total and with my coupon ($5.00 off) the total was $18.00 – not to shabby! Now, if I had bought only clothes I would have come home with a cart full for that price! I love Goodwill!


I’m back from the beach… had a wonderful time! I got to use two new settings on my camera; beach and aquarium! Here are some examples:




It’s good to be home, but it sure is HOT here! Thank you all for your comments on my garden yesterday… keep going over to Notes From A Cottage Industry for more garden tours!

I sat around most of the day and watched my kids color,

took “the boys” drinks a couple times at the job site and watered my poor poor plants that were passed out from the heat (why is it so hot?) I like lazy Sundays! Especially when they start with doughnuts! Oh, I DID go to church… Yay God!

Here is a cute picture of my pots waiting to be embellished…

for no reason other than throwing them in this jar made them fun to look at. Oh and in other randomness, a friend and I were talking about the funny words our kids say and that we need to write them down for posterity. Here are some Luke-isms:

When asked, what kind of dog do you have? He replies “a chiwalla”

Point to a rectangle and ask, what shape is this? His answer, “a tec-rangle”

And his favorite word to spell…


don’t know why but he likes that word. See….





Many of my friends have been talking about Bliss. What gives you bliss? I find Bliss in many things… last week on one of the nights the weather was “perfect” I took my laptop out in the yard and sat by my new bird fountain and surfed the net. My kids were playing in the playground, Aaron was watering plants, the dogs were at my feet. THAT was Bliss!

My friends have also been talking about making Bliss/Vision/Inspiration/Idea boards… If you have ever been wanting to do this, Jen and I are working on a workshop to teach you how!


I wanted to share a couple gift-wrapping (presentation) ideas for quick gifts. Jen recently took care of our zoo animals while we were in Arizona. I thought it was fitting to give her a piece of the desert too. I planted a succulent in a small pot and glued ribbon to the rim. The ribbons came in a 3 pack in the 1.00 section at Target.

While we were gone, it was also Jen’s son’s birthday. This is a gift-card to Hollywood Video and some popcorn – simple!

~ Em

I’m back from a 10 day trip to Arizona. (the picture above is where we camped for 4 days… yes, that is snow on the mountains – it was beautiful!) We celebrated Easter camping with Aaron’s family in the-middle-of-nowhere. It would take me 10 days just to recap the trip so here are the highlights… We went to the Phoenix Zoo, saw the Easter bunny, drove to the middle of the desert and went camping with 20+ other “Leyvas”, logged over 2200 miles on the ol’ car, got super glue stitches in Tatum’s head wound and ate WAY too much fast food. I also took over 300 pictures – here is the link to my kodak gallery ~ I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


We ventured outside to clean up the yard after the winter. I didn’t realize how many beautiful flowers were already in full bloom. This kaleidoscope effect is pretty cool too… don’tcha think?


Yes, like I said last week… I acquired a dog and a little girl from Albania. Well the latter is not really mine, I am sponsoring “Klera” through World Vision. Here is her story:

Klera lives with her parents and 2 brothers. Her parents struggle to provide for the family. Her father is a construction worker. Despite their efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs. Klera is growing up in a rural farming community in the Elbasan district of Albania. Most houses are one-story buildings with three rooms. The space is sufficient but the construction is poor. Staple foods are bread, vegetables, beans and dairy products. The geography is a mixture of lowlands and hills. Summers are dry and hot and winters are usually cool and wet. Klera is not in school at this time. She likes to play with dolls. She helps at home with the dusting. She is in satisfactory health.

I wanted to post a picture of Klera but I don’t know if it is ok with World Vision. She looks exactly like Tatum and she is the same age.

Now how do I possibly write about my goofy dog after that? I will simply leave you with a photo. Her name is Jersey 🙂


~ Em

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