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While I didn’t have my camera for a week, I realized that I have some pretty nice photos on my computer already. It’s fun to go back in time and look at how much the kids have grown. This is poor Luke after he smashed his face on the tile floor at the babysitters…

and him now… still got luscious lips, but whoa not like the ginormous swollen¬†beauties from before and all his real teeth!

Tate as Dorothy the Dinosaur when we went to the Wiggles concert a million years ago…

and now as a soccer star…

Wow, time sure does fly! Tomorrow’s post will contain real, new, never before seen photos… maybe ūüėČ



I’m back from the beach… had a wonderful time! I got to use two new settings on my camera; beach and aquarium! Here are some examples:




It’s good to be home, but it sure is HOT here! Thank you all for your comments on my garden yesterday… keep going over to Notes From A Cottage Industry for more garden tours!

I am blissfully away at the beach right now but thanks to WordPress’ “publish later” feature… I give you


This is where we sit and relax after a long day at work or sometimes on a beautiful sunny morning to eat doughnuts! The Moments sign was was hung for our women’s group and just has stayed there ever since.

This bench looks onto our playground and frankly, I have never sat on it! It gets its use from various moms and dads who are watching their children play at one of our numerous kiddie parties.

Here is another bench I have never sat on. Behind it is the trunk of my persimmon tree, a pot of herbs and my cherry tomatoes.

This door goes into my home and right outside it is our fountain. We love listening to the soothing sound of the water.

Yes that is a naked lady…

Here is a trellis of grapes, last year was the first year it bore fruit, YUM! Below the grapes are strawberries that a bird dropped in… THANKS Mr. Bird!

Here is the infamous planted typewriter!

These are our future pumpkins!

More tomatoes, these are “Better Boy”

Here are various stages of our sugar plums!

My favorite flower is the hydrangea and I was so lucky to find a HUGE one growing in the yard when we bought the house.

What a lovely hose reel isn’t it? It’s kinda hard to hide these things. Like these sprinkler controls.

However, the most favorite things in my yard are my kids and my dogs.

Thank you Tracey for hosting a wonderful Garden Tour!




My camera…

So many of you have asked about it. First of all, it’s NOT new. I have had this camera for over a year and before that I¬†had it’s previous version. The camera is 7.1 mega pixels which is nothing special now a days. You can even get it for under $200.00! Check herefor the places it’s offered, I got mine through Dell. My favorite thing of all… get this… the battery! It’s a flat rechargeable battery that last forever¬† (read: a long time) and you just plug it into the wall to recharge!

Now for the photos/settings – Here are the things I discovered:

Digital Macro, this feature is for closeups! All I did was hit the “func. set” button on the back and highlighted the flower icon and it was all set to take closeups. Here are some examples.

The next feature I dicovered is called “color accents”. My camera did this by itself:

This feature is called “vivid”. Here is the same photo in “vivid red”, “vivid blue” and “vivid green”:

Of course here is my favorite “vivid blue” thing:

Other features that I have yet to play with:

The SCN mode (special scenes)- Fireworks, Beach, Snow, kids and pets, Underwater, Foliage, Aquarium and Indoor. (I get to use the beach mode this week!)

I did use the “kids and pets” mode and figured it had something to do with motion so I told Luke to run around the yard… Pretty steady photo!

There is also a sepia and black and white mode, a “portrait” mode which pans out the shot to take a group photo and a mode that allows you to give your skin a tan! Here is a quick example of that: (Tatum would not want you to see this crazy hair but she was my demo) Here is Tatum with the “lighter skin tone” and the “darker skin tone” modes.

By then it was starting to get dark so I put my camera away. There are tons more features but… that’s my camera!


I slept good¬† Friday night… possibly because of this

Hot & Spicy Mary

1 & a half shots of vodka

Fill the rest of the glass with Spicy V8

a dash of Tapatio

a dash of celery salt

a squeeze of lime juice

a dash of Worcestershire sauce

salt/pepper to taste

garnish with celery and a lime wedge… serve as is or on the rocks

and have a GOOD… NIGHT

(this is a spicy¬† drink so use regular V8 if you don’t like the hotness)








They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul and that windows are the eyes of your home… so are these new window boxes bags under the “eyes” of my home?

I wanted to spruce up the view from my bedroom window so¬†I planted these under the window that faces my gazebo… I forgot that my headboard sticks up a foot higher than the bottom of my window. I can barely see the little tips of the flowers out my window… oh well – I know they are there and that makes me happy. I’ll file this in my “bliss” category.


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