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For those keeping track, this is post #95! Only 5 to go for my big surprise!

For this Friday I’d like to show you another one of my favorite things…

Ball Fringe!

I love this stuff! I want more, in all colors and I want to hot glue it to everything in the house! I even want my car to look like the taxi off Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

This is a lamp I covered in fabric (like a cheese cloth or muslin) and glued ball fringe to the edge.

Here is the Christmas card holder I made a couple years ago. The frame is from the thrift store, the green is wrapped around a piece of cardboard and the toile pockets & fringe are just glued on. I keep it up all year.

This would be heaven

This pillow is adorable

(I found this pillow here)

Well, yeah… I like ball fringe… or dingle balls… or pom poms… or whatever YOU call them!



My favorite thing for this Friday is decorating with lime green, black and white.

First off, I created this color scheme! Hate me, call me a liar… but I did, I swear! (I really didn’t) About 6 years ago I sold some things on Ebay for a friend of mine. In exchange for the Ebay work, she made me these window toppers.

I told her… “I want black and white toile triangles with lime green piping”… she said “ch-wha…are you sure?” She drove over with the fabric a couple days later and I said “yep, that’s it!” I still don’t think she was convinced until she saw the finished product. (My photos show how much dust has accumulated on these things *eeww*. The rod is a closet rod covered in fabric and a finial painted black screwed on the end.

I found this mirror a year later while junkin

I made this two Christmases (what’s the plural of Christmas?) ago with Jen, a Christmas card holder (but it’s up all year)

and of course my whole Christmas decor was in MY “theme” too  

I found these pots and candle holders at the 99 Cent Store

(note on this table… we just ate dinner and it was wet… I know bad photo taking time, but I just got my camera back and I was snap happy. As for the chairs at this table, you may have noticed that they are all different colors. This was done back when Friends was popular and Monica had mismatched chairs like this in her kitchen…

Well, It’s not 1999 anymore and I am ready to paint them – they are going to be black. I am also going to paint my mantle (the ugly brown one above) black too. Another side note, my entire kitchen used to be funky like Monica’s, I used fruit patters and bright colors and now I am transitioning to something a little more grown up -more on that later.)

 Well, I like me some lime, black and white… What’s your favorite decorating theme?






I think in addition to Positively Tuesdays I am going to talk about my favorite things on Fridays…

Therefore, I give you my favorite magazines –

I have been reading this magazine since day one. We used to get the subscription at work. Originally I didn’t love it; it was wildly expensive and it was very country/folk arty. I buy magazines for their covers and a couple years ago I got an issue at the store (more than likely a Halloween issue) and ever since I have had my own subscription. The new Home Companion is much more modern and geared toward antiques, flea market finds and unique decor. I’m glad Mary E. got stylish and dropped the overkill of cherries and checkerboard.

I love this magazine for the gardens. I consider my home a “cottage” and this magazine said something to the effect of “any home, of any size can be a cottage; the one “must have” is a lush garden”. This magazine also featured my dream wedding… an October barn wedding with pumpkins!

Martha Stewart Halloween special issues. I always get this every year and I always use something out of it. She has templates, how-tos and lots of fabulous pictures. Can you see a October/Halloween theme going on?

Country Living gets an honorable mention. I got the idea for the succulents planted in the typewriter out of this magazine while waiting in the Dr.s office.

I just got a gift certificate to and I am going to try out this magazine. Like Home Companion, I think this magazine used to be a lot more country than it is now, otherwise I wouldn’t like it.

What are your favorite magazines?


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