Folks, I couldnt have thought up a more blunt title than that. I am currenty taking History 17a which is “US history from its colonial beginning through the Civil War and Reconstruction”.

I need HELP! Is anyone a History major or knowledgeable enough to help me get through this class? I am reading, studying, praying and yet I don’t think I am going to make it through this class! My brain must have some mental block for history – it’s the only subject I ever had to take in summer school in high school. I think all the terms are confusing me… the puritans, rebels, French and British, the confederates, the Indians, monarchies, bourgeoisie… ahh they all blend together when it comes time to take a quiz. Ask me to answer a question about Benjamin Franklin or Anne Hutchinson and I am golden but throw all these people, places and events on a test and I am done for! I think my saving grace might come in a critical book review, I am (arguably) good at writing!

Seriously though, if there are any local tutors or friends willing to help me with this class I will be eternally grateful to you and will consider you the only reason I graduate – seriously, I am that doomed!

Man, I thought I was retarded in math, well I am currently taking math AND this history class and I want to make out with my math book right now – I heart Algebra! If you can’t offer your brain, PLEASE throw up some prayers for me!