I made this swag to go over Tate’s bed using fabric scraps I had, old faded swim trunks and ribbon.

My daughter would kill me if she saw that I put a photo of her picking sand out of her butt online for the world to see… BUT (ha ha) she won’t have internet access until she is at least 33 so I got some time, and she doesn’t mind the photo in her room …yet

Here is a close up, the only purchased items were the pink polkadot ribbon in the swag and the ribbon it’s all tied onto (less than $3.00 for both spools)

The scraps of fabric all came from the leftovers of this bedspread… Jenny and I made it a few years ago (yes, I actually SEWED!)

Now, if you want to make yourself a rag swag garland… go over to Jen’s blog cause I was lazy and didn’t take step by step pictures and she did… Oh, and guess what… my lovely friend is even doing a giveaway for one of these garlands… that post is here – you have until tomorrow to leave her a comment… And one more thing… Jen and I got the original idea from the Nester.