For those keeping track, this is post #95! Only 5 to go for my big surprise!

For this Friday I’d like to show you another one of my favorite things…

Ball Fringe!

I love this stuff! I want more, in all colors and I want to hot glue it to everything in the house! I even want my car to look like the taxi off Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

This is a lamp I covered in fabric (like a cheese cloth or muslin) and glued ball fringe to the edge.

Here is the Christmas card holder I made a couple years ago. The frame is from the thrift store, the green is wrapped around a piece of cardboard and the toile pockets & fringe are just glued on. I keep it up all year.

This would be heaven

This pillow is adorable

(I found this pillow here)

Well, yeah… I like ball fringe… or dingle balls… or pom poms… or whatever YOU call them!